Indigenous City

Remembering our way to sustainability

Cedar and Bamboo Trailer October 8, 2012

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I was blessed to work with Diana Leung to document and share the stories of four incredible people of mixed Aboriginal-Chinese heritage. This is an important part of our history here in Canada. Thank you to Howard E. Grant, Judy Joe, Jordie Yow and Hannah Yow for sharing your stories with us.


Transform the city! September 4, 2007

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Tansi, hello, welcome to indigenous city. Like most of us, you are probably an urban dweller.

Cities are the new habitats of the human world.

If you live in North America, then you live on indigenous land. You may be knee deep in concrete and surrounded by the hard edges and immeasureable sprawl of streets and buildings that have eaten up the land beyond recognition. But you are still on indigenous land. And you know what else? You’re in an ecosystem too!

May be hard to see it in the storefronts and busstops and condos, but you’re in it. An urbanized ecosystem, but an ecosystem nonetheless. As much as we transform the land and try to pretend we are not dependent upon or subject to the laws of the land that have cycled here since time out of mind, an ecosystem doesn’t pack up and move away just because you cut down the trees and scare away most of the life. The stories and cycles of a place–the layers and memories of what has been there are written there forever, whether we see them or not.